Friday, July 24, 2009

Boutique or Bargain?

I was in a boutique today and saw the most spectacular dress on a dress form- it was a beautiful emerald green irridescent chiffon, with an asymmetrical shoulder with beautiful beadwork and... you know what? I'll never be able to describe it adequately, so here's a picture: Spectacular, right? Of course, upon closer inspection, the dress turned out to be a Badgley Mischka selling for $695.00. Yes, the decimal point IS in the right place. Since my budget allows mostly for dresses is the $6.95 range, you can imagine my sticker shock. And this dress was in Lancaster, PA! Crazy, huh? I want to know who in Lancaster, PA is spending 700 smackers on a cocktail dress! And where are they going in it? Honestly! But I digress... the point is, as fun as it is to wear a real designer dress that is perfectly tailored and spectacular in its craftsmanship, few of us can afford to do it ever, much less on a regular basis. So for you, my faithful readers, I offer you the budget versions of some seriously pricey designer duds. I'm sure your wallets will thank me.

First, a Michael Kors pink strapless sheath, selling at Saks for nearly $1600.00. And yes, it's pre-order only. The pink ditty next to it? Sells for $14.50 at Forever 21. No joke.

Maybe you're the type who likes prints. This sleeveless David Meister print dress sells for a mere $388.00, but you can have the Forever 21 counterpart for $24.80 if you like.

I love a good ombre dress and this first one certainly doesn't disappoint. I would hope not for just over $300 at SALE price. I think I even like the Forever 21 version a little more and it's nearly 1/10 the cost at $36 (full price).

Honestly, this post could go on forever, but I think you get the idea. Some of my favorite discount stores are TJ Maxx and Marshalls because they have designer clothes heavily discounted, so you might even stumble across the real thing! Also, depending on where you live, you could try SYMS. There are HUGE bargains to be had there. But remember, when it comes to a beautiful designer dress, first determine exactly what it is that you like about it and then see if you can find those qualities in a less expensive version. Chances are, you can. Also, lots of designers are working with stores like Target to create ready-to-wear lines that are very afforable. In the meantime, if anyone sees a knock-off of that Badgley Mischka, let me know!

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