Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap: Wedding Related Shenanigans

I flew out of Boston on Friday morning for Jen and Bryan's wedding. My plan was definitely hinging on everything being on time and running smoothly. A delayed flight, a long line at the car rental counter, or a bunch of traffic could each derail my schedule. And if I got hit with all three of those delays, I would have had to attend the wedding in my travel clothes. I didn't have a lot of wiggle room since I needed to first stop at the venue before heading to my own hotel to meet the Professor and get ready.

When I landed, the bride texted me and said, "T Boo! Total last minute but do you have time to pick me up a little hair diddy? Something to match my dress? I wasn't going to wear one but it might be nice? Just thought I'd see. No worries if you're swamped!!!!!!"

Here's the thing: I love a challenge. Remember the fruitcake? And back in my costuming days, when a director made a last-minute change that effected wardrobe, it was always my mission to make the change immediately and in time for the very next costume run-through (even if that run through was going to start in an hour). I'm a planner and I tend to get things done ahead of time. So for people who know me well, that means if you need something done at the last minute, I'm probably the best person to call. I asked at the car rental gate if there was a mall nearby and fortunately for me there was a huge one just two miles down the road. I blitzed the entire building as if it was Thursday of tech week. Twenty minutes and about $40 later, I had five different "hair diddy" options for Jen. I was back on the road and still on schedule!

Did I mention that in addition to the "hair diddies," I also had her bridal veil in my suitcase as well as a half dozen bow tie options for Brance who was in the bridal party as a "Bridesman?" I shouldn't have been all that surprised about the "hair diddy" request, since Jen and Brance had texted me on Wednesday asking me to make him a bow tie for the wedding in "deep plum purple." No preference as to it being a solid or a print. I zipped on over to Joann Fabrics and soon I had several options:

My time frame was going to be fairly tight even without the addition of shopping for a "hair diddy," but through some miracle (or the powerful engine in my rental), I made it to the venue with enough time to drop everything off, help pick out a "hair diddy," give Brance his bow tie options, get back to my own hotel (20 minutes away) and complete my own beauty routine and get dressed. I even had a few minutes of downtime in which the Professor and I may or may not have done a little snuggling and smooching.

It was a little hectic, but in the end, everything worked out. I was even impressed with Brance's bow tie choice. You can barely see the fabric in the photo above. It's underneath the lightest purple print and it's a deep shade of plum with a subtle floral print. And here he is rocking it:

I didn't get a good photo of Jen in her veil and "hair diddy" but I promise you she looked stunning. Her dress is of course from Madeleine's Daughter. She lives in NYC and drove up for an appointment with me where I helped her find this stunning dress by Alvina Valenta. I can't believe it was back in August that we picked it out. At the time, it felt like her wedding was so far away! 

Is she gorgeous or what? She kept saying, "I want to be lovely. Just lovely." I think we nailed it. We added the cap sleeves afterwards, but I think they look like they were there all along. Her husband, Bryan told me no less than three times that I'd done an amazing job with the dress. And somehow, everyone at the wedding kept referring to me as "the girl who made the dress." At first, I corrected people. I said, "Oh, no. I helped pick out the dress. She came to the bridal shop where I work, but I didn't make it. I only made the veil." Towards the end of the night, I just started owning it. "Yup, that's me. I made that dress." It was easier than explaining and since she looked so great, I figured it was a good thing to Bogart. Sue me. 

Despite being so focused on making sure everything was perfect for Brance and Jen, I managed to clean myself up pretty well, too. I wore the dress I got for the Madeleine's Holiday party back in December and pretty much kept all the accessories and hairstyle the same as well. It worked, right? And if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I chose a different pair of earrings, but the hairpiece, shoes and bag were all the same.

Me with the blushing bride. 

The Professor looked pretty dapper, too: 

We're a good looking couple. 

There were quite a few well-dressed guests at this particular soiree, and I plan to share the best outfits with you in a future post. I'll also be back with photos of my outfits from the weekend (the ones that inspired the polyvore sets in these posts). Leave a comment if you like and don't forget to check back soon! There's always something stylish to look at here! 

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