Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best-Dressed Wedding Guest

I mentioned on Monday's post that there were some very well-dressed guests at Jen and Bryan's wedding Friday night. Surprisingly, there were quite a few dapper gentlemen sporting bow ties! I was impressed with the number of guests who made that particular style choice. In my opinion, David did it best because he didn't stop with the bow tie- he had a fabulous hat and even more fabulous shoes that finished off his look. And I think I may have a new gentleman to serve as my bow tie inspiration. He was a little jealous of the set I made for Brance (particularly the double-sided turquoise one), so I promised to make him something similar.

Anyway, without further ado, I present David:

Not sure where the bow tie is from, but since I didn't make it, do we really care all that much? ;)

Even his shirt is interesting with the subtle monochromatic texture and the dark buttons. It's all fabulous.  But get a look at these shoes! 

Shoes from Aldo

They're a little brighter in the photo than they are in real life, but either way, aren't you impressed? I was. Don't you love it when guys put a little extra effort into the details of their outfits? Nothing over-the-top or too flamboyant, but just subtle details that make the look so polished, so set apart from the crowd of gabardine and khaki. Well done, David. I applaud your style. Keep it up.

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