Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rate My Look: New Year's Eve Sparkle Outfit

Since I've left the glittery world of professional theatre, it's not nearly as often that I get decked out in something really sparkly. The Madeleine's Daughter Holiday Party Outfit from a few weeks ago is about as fancy as I get these days. But New Year's Eve is one of those holidays when getting all glittered up is perfectly acceptable. And given the fact that Juhree was hosting a Disco-themed New Year's Party, I was essentially given cart blanche to wear something obnoxious. The dress I wore was originally purchased for the company holiday party, but in the end I'm very happy I ended up wearing it for New Year's instead:

Obviously the dress is reminiscent of a disco ball, but I also had a hideous Farrah Fawcett-esque wig that I wore for about five minutes before it got too itchy and hot to keep on. I wanted to wear a pair of go-go boots, but it was so cold, I ended up keeping my thick, warm tights and boots on instead. My necklace is a super-tacky disco-ball strand from iParty and the hat is a glittery stupid-little top hat that says "Happy New Year!" I actually attended two New Year's parties, but dressed for party #2. I was the only sparkly person at party #1, but it actually just made me feel that much more special. There's something about dressing up for New Years that is just so much fun. It's an excuse to be as tacky and sparkly as you like without any pressure to class it up. I like to think I struck a nice happy medium (sans wig, that is). 

What did you wear on New Year's? Did you glam it up, or go casual? 

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Anonymous said...

You seriously need to stop it with the hats.

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