Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rate My Looks: DC Edition

Remember the polyvore sets from last weekend? They were inspired by the outfits I'd packed for my time spent in DC/Virginia for the wedding, etc.

And here are the looks as they actually came together:

This outfit inspired the polyvore set in the "Museum Style" post from Saturday. The cashmere sweater kept me perfectly warm in the 50-degree weather. It was unseasonably warm that day, and I didn't even need another layer. We ended up going to the Holocaust Museum, then visiting the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and finally the Spy Museum. We had a quick lunch before the Spy Museum and after that we were beat and decided to spend the evening relaxing in the hotel room.

At the reflecting pool with the Washington Monument behind us. 

Lincoln Memorial

Rubbing my uncle's name from the Vietnam Memorial Wall. 

The next day, I had to leave in the morning to get to the airport, but I made sure to travel in style in the outfit that inspired the "Jet Set" post from Sunday: 

So there they are- maybe not the most exciting outfits I've worn, but you can't accuse me of looking sloppy! It was a fabulous weekend- from the wedding to the museums, I have no complaints at all. We made a lot of great memories and I'm glad I even thought to snap a few photos, too! 

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