Friday, January 11, 2013

Fabulous Friday: Eye Candy

Every now and then it's fun to indulge in a little virtual window shopping and just spend some time admiring the gorgeous designs that are out there, whether or not they fit into your budget. This inspiring set features bold colors and patterns. Enjoy!

These are sophisticated polka dots, right? The dress is by Jonathan Saunders and you can find it at net-a-porter. Yum! 

Is there anything more cheerful than a bright yellow handbag? I doubt it. You can find this one at Forzieri

Clearly inspired by the Mondrian patterns of the 60's, this Kate Spade skirt is loads of fun. Get yours at Neiman Marcus

These DSquared pumps are to die for! I love them! If only I had an extra $600 lying around, I'd hop on over to Zappos Couture and put them right into my shopping cart. 

Time for me to digest all this loveliness. What kind of fashion eye candy have you seen around? Have you noticed any trends? Leave a comment- I always love hearing from you!

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