Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rate My Look: Red Pants!

On Wednesday, I did some damage on the post-holiday sales. Between Ann Taylor Loft and TJ Maxx, I managed to come home with quite a bit. A new pair of suede boots, a cashmere sweater, a wool sequin skirt, a new sparkly feather belt and my favorite new item: a stunning pair of red velveteen skinny pants!

Colorful pants have been everywhere for the last year, but mostly in more casual options like jeans and corduroys. Unfortunately, those are too casual for work. I did get a pair of awesome kelly green jeans and another pair of super cute purple-ish pink jeans and I got a lot of wear out of both of them this summer. When it came to work place attire, they were just too casual. So, after seeing these amazing pants, I knew I needed to get them for work. Originally around $90, I ended up paying just $22 for them!

Everything I bought that day was a major bargain, but the pants (from Ann Taylor Loft) were far and away the best deal. Care to see how I styled them? Wait no longer:

What I really wanted was a black and white graphic sweater in a luxurious textile like cashmere. I shopped all afternoon for something that would work. I did find a great cashmere sweater, but it was more of an oatmeal color and although it's beautiful, it didn't work with the pants. So, in an effort to keep with the black and white idea, I just layered the jacket over a satin top. It works. I'm still going to hunt for the perfect top to wear with these pants, but for now, this look will do. It's far from shabby. 

I kept catching myself in the mirror at work and realizing, "Holy crap! These pants are RED." I love them and I am so happy I got them. They definitely bring a bit of fun to a dreary time of year. 

Have you hit the post-holiday sales? What have you hauled in? Leave a comment! 

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