Monday, January 21, 2013

More Bow Tie Bonanza

As you know, in the last month or so I've made quite a few bow ties, mostly using random fabric I had lying around from previous sewing projects. Brance was the recipient of quite a few of them and I'm happy to report that he was pretty darn excited about the new collections. He even bothered to name them and snap some photos for me.

The first he dubbed "Rhapsody in Blue Tissue," the title inspired simply by my packaging:

I was most excited about the two on the left that are made in contrasting fabrics. You will recall from my previous post when I made these ties that I was a dismal failure at tying them. Fortunately, Brance is an expert when it comes to tying a bow tie and he made sure to send me a photo of one of the two-tone ties in all its glory: 

Isn't it so cool? I love how it adds that fun little contrast of color to the tie! I had a gut feeling that two-sided look would be a winner, so I'm very happy that I made a bunch like that! 

The second set was made in response to Jen and Brance's texts requesting I make a "dark plum purple" bow tie for the wedding. Since I had no swatch to go by, and only about 48 hours notice, I made a range: 

Brance aptly dubbed this set the "Purple People Eater Collection." Clever, right? For the record, the bright geometric design on the far right was never intended for the wedding, but it was a fun fabric that I thought Brance would enjoy, so I threw it in with the rest just for fun. The floral print (second from the right) is the one he ended up wearing for the wedding and I think it was a great choice. 

Maybe I'll spend some more time digging through old fabrics- this bow tie spree I'm on seems to be working. In fact, I'm thinking of hosting a bow tie contest either here or through Facebook, so leave a comment if you think you'd be interested in some kind of contest. I'll be looking forward to your responses! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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