Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Seasonal Mix-Up

Happy New Year, S...tNB readers! I hope you had a happy and restful holiday season and you're reading for an amazing 2013! I know I am. 2012 was not the greatest year for me- work was full of major stresses and that definitely took its toll. I'm not one to make resolutions, so I'm not going to waste my 1,001st post talking about that silly New Year's tradition. Instead, I'm going to talk about something fun and uplifting: summer! Well, spring and summer, actually.

I know that seems cruel, especially for those of you in the northeast (like me) who have had some pretty cold, snowy weather over the last week or so. But I promise, it will actually help boost your mood and hopefully inspire you as well.

At this time of year, we're so accustomed to dreary, grey days and we often end up in a fashion rut that mimics the weather. The days are shorter and it's hard enough to keep our spirits up with that lack of vitamin D in our lives, but there is a way you can use your wardrobe to help self-medicate. It's surprisingly simple, too: wear your summer clothes.

Sounds crazy, right? It's not as bananas as you might think, though. In the summer, clothing is all about lightness and brightness. In the winter, outfits are all about layering. I don't know about you, but lots of thick layers make me feel a little chunky. If I could wear cashmere every day I would, but unfortunately, my cashmere collection isn't that large. So, how else can you wear functional, warm outfits that don't make you feel like the abominable snow-girl? Like I said, start with summer clothes- specifically a sundress or any light summer dress.

I'm partial to florals, but any other print or even a solid will work as well. Pick something that will feel like a ray of sunshine, or a bright sunny, summer day. Even if it isn't a typical "winter" color, don't sweat it! Once you have your dress (or skirt or blouse, etc.), start piling on the layers- tights, long-sleeve undershirt, scarf, cardigan, belt, boots- all of it! And here's what you'll end up with:

Seasonal Mix-Up #1

This type of outfit is an instant pick-me-up to get you out of the winter doldrums. The dress is light and flowy, so you wouldn't think to wear it in the winter. But with opaque tights, a warm cardigan and a simple scarf, it's perfectly appropriate even in cold weather. Take a minute to go through your summer clothes and see what bright, fun pieces you can incorporate into a wintery outfit. Take a moment to think outside the box and you'll have ideas pouring out of you in no time. I did, so I decided to document those ideas on polyvore:

Seasonal Mix-Up #2

I kind of love the color combination of pink and orange- it will always remind me of Dunkin' Donuts, but I love it so much that I just don't care. Admittedly, this outfit is a little extreme in terms of color, and I doubt very many of us just happen to own those leggings that perfectly pull it all together and, of course, the ideal accessories all in perfect shades of dove grey. But even if you don't love this outfit exactly as it is, use it as inspiration to think of different pieces in your closet that you might never think to put together. If they seem a little incongruent, don't let that stop you. Keep looking- there might be a scarf and belt that you can add to those pieces that will pull the entire look together. You have to take risks, and you might not nail it the first time, but keep trying! At the very least it will keep you occupied until it's summer again!

Ok, one last polyvore set and then we'll call it a day:

Seasonal Mix-Up #3

I love the idea of a silk blouse paired with wool trousers and cardigan. It is luxurious in a way that it can never be in the height of summer.

I hope you have found this post inspiring and that if you are in the winter doldrums, it will help snap you right out of it. I hope you find yourself putting outfits together that are lighter and brighter- I know I will be!

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