Saturday, January 5, 2013

Accessories Anonymous: It's a Cinch!

We're all on some type of budget, and shopping for lots of new clothes isn't always an option. So when your wardrobe feels a little lackluster, rather than maxing out your credit cards, try looking for ways to breathe new life into what you already have. Accessories are hands-down the best way to do that. Accessories are inexpensive, but you get a lot of bang for your buck with the right ones.

One of my favorite accessories to incorporate into outfits is a belt. Cinched right at my natural waist, it does several things for my outfits:

1.) It emphasizes the feminine, hourglass figure.
2.) It creates a focal point in my outfit.
3.) It adds visual interest and sometimes completely transforms the vibe of my look.

To demonstrate, here is the same basic grey dress made completely different with the addition of a belt:

It's a Cinch!

On the left are three options where the belt becomes a "pop" of color as well as a focal point in the look. On the right are three options where the belt completely changes the vibe of the outfit- one is sweet and preppy, one is bohemian and the third is vintage-inspired.

Pull out any pieces from your wardrobe that you might describe as basic or neutral. Wrap a belt around them and see how they are transformed. And don't limit yourself to traditional or literal belts. Sashes, scarves, even necklaces can be transforming when cinched in the right spot. I love pinning a flower or brooch onto a belt or sash to add another interesting detail to my outfit. Do you have multiple skinny belts in various colors? Pair them up, or layer three of them together. Play around with it and you'll amaze yourself at what you come up with.

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