Saturday, January 12, 2013

Museum Style: DC Edition

I'm in DC-  well, actually northern Virginia- this weekend. Last night my good friend Jen got married and it was a total blast. I will definitely post photos from the wedding soon. It was gorgeous and oh so much fun.

Today, the Professor and I have the entire day free to hang out in DC, so we've decided to go to a couple of museums and see some of the monuments. We've both been to DC several times, but there is still so much to see! Despite having been here about a half dozen or so times, I've still never been to the National Holocaust Museum, so we are definitely going there this morning. After that, we'll likely have a light lunch, see a few monuments and then we're toying with the idea of going to the new Spy Museum.

So, with all this walking around outside and inside in mid-January, I needed to put together an outfit that would be warm enough for being outside, but not too hot when we're in the museums. Cue the cashmere! It's lightweight, but warm and when layered under my winter coat, it will be perfect for the day. I'll take an actual photo of my outfit, but until then, here's a polyvore set inspired by my museum-hopping look:

Museum Style

Skinny jeans (although my legs look NOTHING like that in skinnies...), a soft cashmere sweater, flat boots, a fun colorful statement bag and simple accessories are all it takes to be chic in this city. (Or just about any city, actually.)

Stay tuned for more photos from the weekend! And thanks for reading!

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