Thursday, November 22, 2012

Throwback Thursday... also Happy Thanksgiving!

I saw a blog post recently that had this title and I have now ripped it off. Is it plagiarism if you admit that it's not your own? Anyway, the concept is exactly what you might think- a throwback to another time. Here is a pretty epic photo of me from my elementary school days. I think this photo is about as awesome as it gets:

I'm pretty sure you're all starting to understand where that deep love of fashion started. Yup. Plaid taffeta and white knee high socks are pretty much where it's at. The side pony is just a bonus. I'm guessing (based on the music books in the background on the piano) that this is me circa 1987 or 88. Third grade is my guess. Yup, third grade is pretty much right about the time my feet got too big for kids shoes and I had to start shopping in the "ladies" shoe department. I was SO depressed that day. Ladies size 7, I believe. As you can see, there weren't many cute options (or ANY cute options). Oh, well. I think I've since made up for it, right? 

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