Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shoesday Tuesday: I Finally Found Them...

For as long as I've been employed at my current job, I've tried and tried and tried to find the perfect pair of black boots. I wanted something vaguely western, with just enough of a heel to give a little support and definitely enough comfort to wear on a 10-hour day. Last year I was SO close. The boots I found were the perfect look, but my size wasn't available. I tried to squeeze into an 8 when what I really needed was an 8.5 or 9. In the end, I gave up and turned the boots over to my mom. They don't hurt her feet like they did mine.

This year, I was surfing the interwebs, trying once again to find the perfect boot. I'd already been to Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Aldo, Nine West, etc. both in stores and online. I found either completely flat, or heels that were way too tall. If the heel was right, then the boot was ruined with all sorts of chains and studs making them way too edgy for me. Finally, of all places, I went to Charlotte Russe and it was there that I found my perfect boots. Check 'em out:

Distressed Mid-Calf Riding Boot, Charlotte Russe, $40

I actually bought them in BOTH the cognac pictured above AND the black. I've worn them nearly every day since I got them and they are quite possibly the best boots I've ever owned. LOVE. At $40, I don't expect them to last beyond this season, so I'll be on a similar quest in a year, I'm sure. I would be happy to spend $100-200 on a high quality pair of boots, but I have yet to find ones that meet all my requirements. These are the right look, the right heel height, the right everything. 

What's your latest shoe quest? Leave a comment- I need to know I'm not alone! 


Beth said...

These boots have my vote!

Gwendelyn Fristensky said...

Nice boots! Here are some others: http://www.shoebuy.com/etienne-aigner-colton/556481/1156402




Oh crap, found two that I like! http://www.tonylama.com/en/gals_sansaba.html?424fccf8=35245


Lol, have fun!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Gwen- you are such a doll for shopping for me, but this is exactly why I have such trouble finding a great pair:
Option 1- Etienne Aigner is notoriously uncomfortable, but even if these aren't, I kind of hate the shiny leather look.
Option 2: I am so not into buckles
Option 3: Too shiny
Option 4: Too shiny

But I SO appreciate the effort! You're a good friend! :)

Gwendelyn Fristensky said...

It's difficult at best to shop for shoes online anyway...gotta seem 'em and try 'em to know for sure :-) My husband once asked me if shoes would make a good Christmas present, and I gave him a rapid, "No way! Buying shoes is like buying quality undergarments. Other people really can't do it for you." lol

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