Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shoesday Tuesday: They'll Always Haunt Me...

For months and months, I found myself stumbling across the same pair of ridiculous heels at Marshalls. It was like they just wouldn't leave me alone. They were by Steve Madden and they were so cool-60's-mod, that I knew they would work with plenty of outfits and dresses in my closet. Here's proof:

Just look at that heel!!! The color, the shape, everything about these shoes just screams my name. But guess what- I never bought them. Every time I saw them on the shelf, I put them on. I walked around the store. I showed my friends. I showed my other friends. I showed strangers. I just couldn't pull the trigger. You see, they were unbearably painful to wear. They are the kind of shoes you wear to sit down all day. Guess what I never do. That's right- sit down all day. (Unless you count my lazy days off spent in sweat pants on the couch.) I just couldn't justify them. I thought, "These shoes deserve to belong to someone who will not only love them, but who will WEAR them." That person just isn't me. 

I know what you're thinking, "What about wearing them out on a date?!?" I know- that thought crossed my mind. But my boyfriend lives in the mountains of North Carolina. Shoes like these just don't work in the mountains. I'd break an ankle just walking from the front door to the car. No joke. It would NOT be pretty. And isn't that the point of shoes like this? To look and feel pretty? 

I suppose they'll forever haunt me as "the ones that got away." At least I have them documented here and I can look at them any time I want. And now, so can you. You're welcome. 

Happy Shoesday Tuesday! 

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