Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beware: Crap-tastic Photos Ahead!

I finally invested in a fancy-schmancy new MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago and yet for some reason, now I seem to have lower quality photos than B.M. (Before Mac). That is forgivable with this particular post because it is actually a post all about color, not necessarily about the outfit. You can rest assured that I will do my best to take better photos in the future, but it became clear to me while taking the photos below that I will NOT be using the camera on my computer to do so. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a chick in purple jeans.

Ok, last Wednesday was a dreary, cloudy day. It was one of the first truly cold days we've had so far. I wanted nothing more than to stay in sweats as long as possible and just snuggle up with a good book on the couch for the day. Unfortunately, that was not in the cards. Fortunately, a day at the spa was. Juhree and I spent the day at the spa at Wentworth by the Sea, one of my all-time favorite spas. I got a mani/pedi while she got a massage and then afterwards we lounged in the outdoor hot tub. Not bad, right?

Something about the day just made me want to wear fun colors. It was so dreary outside that I wanted something bright, but I was headed to the spa, so I was also all about comfort. In the end, this is what came together:

See what I mean about the fuzzy? Sorry. 

With the time change, it's important to find a way to put a little sunshine back in your day. To me, that simply means to keep it bright. The deep french blue, the granny smith green and the pop of purple together create a combination that's just cheerful. Of course, with the chill outside, I had to add another layer, but it still works: 

Again, super fuzzy. My bad. 

A perfectly relaxed outfit for a perfectly relaxing day at the spa. What would you have worn on this kind of day? Leave a comment! 

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