Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday: Rate My Man's Look

Not too long ago, I was in Old Navy and of course there happened to be quite a few items on sale. I was pretty proud of myself for putting this outfit together for the Professor:

Is he adorable or what? This ended up being a great outfit for the day- he and I took his kids to a local arcade/laser tag, then out to lunch and then to the movies to see "Wreck It Ralph." (The movie was totally adorable, btw.) 

When I put it all together in Old Navy, I was a little nervous about the color of the pants and how well they went with the shirt, but in the end, the outfit came together just fine and it all fit him perfectly to boot! I have a lot of fun shopping for him and the kids. They all love Old Navy and there is pretty much always a sale happening there, so it works out for everyone! 

Since he lives in the mountains of North Carolina, the appropriate style of clothing is actually really similar to what a lot of guys wear up here in New England. It's a lot of plaid, a lot of flannel, a lot of cargo pants, a lot of rugged-looking clothes. I really enjoy having my own life-sized Mountain Man Ken doll to dress and he's such a good sport about wearing all the stuff I find for him. The kids are, too, actually. 

Speaking of shopping, today is Black Friday- the biggest shopping day of the year. How will you be spending it? I won't be shopping today because I'll be working. It's the annual sample sale at Madeleine's Daughter, so it will be like the running of the brides there today. Even if I were free today, I don't think I would shop. It's just so crazy out there! 

Do you ever find yourself shopping for your loved ones more than for yourself? I've been doing that lately. I suppose that since I've been so content with my own closet contents, I've had to find others to benefit from my love of shopping. Having a boyfriend has never been so convenient! 

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