Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Joya Beauty- Not Just Makeup

I am so excited to share with you guys about Joya Beauty that I just couldn't wait until next week. I know Joanne because of mutual acquaintances in the wedding industry. She's pretty much the bees knees when it comes to make-up artists, and she does make-up for loads of Madeleine's brides. Just last Saturday she came to the store to do make-up trials for brides. Of course she did an amazing job. I love watching her work- she really is an artist.

Last March, I had a facial at her studio and it was an enlightening experience. It was my first facial and I doubt I would ever get a facial anywhere else after experiencing one at Joya. I went in with oily, splotchy red skin and I left with a clean, healthy glow and the products to appropriately address my particular skin issues. You know from the photograph in THIS POST a few years ago that my skin is incredibly sensitive and I'm incredibly sensitive to my blemishes and imperfections. I showed Joanne the same picture that you saw in that post and she delivered not only in terms of the products she used, but in the approach. She really made me feel like my skin was beautiful. That I was beautiful.

After such a great experience and several months with clear, non-oily skin, I decided to experience another aspect of her amazing skills. I booked a make-up lesson. I'm hoping to learn how to use my make-up in better ways. I'm not looking for the basics- I think I've got those down. I'm looking for the tricks. The special tips that only make-up artists know. I'm looking to learn about tools and how to use and take care of them. I'm looking for some mad skillz, yo. And I'm gonna get 'em.

Finally, as a frame of reference, here's a great example of what my daily make-up looks like:

Have you ever had a professional make-up lesson? Or attended a make-up workshop? Where did you go? Who did you work with? Leave a comment and tell me all about it. I will definitely be writing a follow-up post to tell you all about my make-up lesson with Joanne!

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Beth said...

You look beautiful. Reading this post makes me want to go for a facial immediately!

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