Sunday, November 11, 2012

More About the Professor and Me

Are you sick of hearing about me and the Professor yet? I know it's totally vomit-inducing at times. I have a few friends who want to barf all the time over the romantic things he and I do for each other. I am not typically a very cheesy person, but I have my moments of weakness, just like anyone else. 

This was one: 

How cute is that? I ordered it from Rar Rar Press on Etsy- the artist will stamp the postcard wherever you like! 

OK, enough about that, I want to tell you about a "dress" I saw while strolling through Copley with my BFF Beth back in September. I snapped the photo and then promptly forgot all about it:

What you are looking at is a photo of a dress made out of tree bark. How cool is that? There was a display in the mall at Copley with designs by students from one of the local fashion schools. As a blogging failure, you can understand why I didn't make sure to get any information about the school or this particular designer. I'm working on being better, I swear. 

Anyway, it was quite obviously the "unconventional materials challenge" from Project Runway, as there were dresses made of recycled water bottle labels, paper clips, and all sort of other random items. This dress was the clear stunner, though. It just looks so impressive and you have to give the designer credit for making something that actually looks wearable (whether it actually is or not). I think it's completely amazing- it's edgy, it's innovative, and it's tailored BARK! That's just incredible. 

So what do you think of it? I can't imagine someone ever wearing it, but who cares! This is the kind of piece that is truly art, not just fashion. Well done, nameless designer. You rocked that challenge! 

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Chiquita R said...

That dress is amazing, and if I could wear it I would! Shoot, for halloween it might be worth getting one glued on!

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