Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lace Love

I love lace. I love how feminine it is, how delicate it is, and especially how it can verge from sweet to sexy. I recently wrote a blog post for work all about lace wedding gowns, and it has inspired me to write this post which is all about lace in every day fashion. As much as we may think that lace is a bridal textile, it's everywhere in fashion lately.

I love how lace makes any black outfit instantly sexy and sophisticated:

Lace- sexy and sophisticated

Any of these black lace looks would work for a cocktail party, a nice dinner out, or for just about any special event. Lace is a great way to add visual interest to a basic LBD. Of course, there are times when black just isn't right. Lace is so hot right now- you can find it in literally any color:

Colorful Lace

It's also in every neutral:

Neutral Lace

And if you just aren't ready for an all-over lace look, you can always work it into your accessories:

Lace Accessories

Just like any trend you're not that familiar with, start small and simple to see how it works on you. Once you feel more comfortable, try something a little more daring. Begin with incorporating a lace scarf into an outfit you love. If you like it, try wearing a lace separate like a top or a skirt. Work your way up to the all-over lace look. When you are ready for the all-over lace, keep it modern. Some lace looks can very easily cross over into the retro-hippie look or (even worse) the Renaissance Faire costume. Strive for a sleek, modern interpretation and you can't go wrong!

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