Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chic Outdoors-y

Sound weird, right? Chic, outdoors-y outfits? But this is exactly the time of year when these outfits are so perfect! Here, I'll set it all up for you:

It's Saturday afternoon and the sun is shining. It's crisp, but definitely headed into cold weather. You are about to go into downtown Boston for the afternoon on a lovely date. Maybe it's a first date. Maybe not. Maybe your amazing BF has decided to take you for an afternoon stroll down Newbury Street followed by an amazing Italian dinner in the North End. What to wear? You need something super cute and flattering for dinner, but also something to keep you warm while you walk through the city. You also need cute, but comfortable shoes since you'll be on your feet. Sounds like a challenging outfit to put together, but I believe I may have done it:

Outdoors-y Date

Fabulous, right? A snuggly, cozy sweater layered over a long-sleeve, fitted tee and a pair of leggings with flat, knee-high boots, a warm overcoat and some cashmere gloves to keep your hands warm. It's perfect! It's not only flattering and stylish, it's casual, but still date- appropriate. Nailed it!

Here, let's try another scenario: It's time to go pick and cut down your Christmas tree. You'll be doing quite a bit of walking through the Christmas tree farm trying to find the perfect blue spruce. Fortunately, someone else will be doing the actual cutting, but you're going to be outside for a little while picking out the tree and getting it bungee-ed to the top of your car. Again, this can be a tricky outfit if you don't want to actually look like a lumberjack, but I think I've found the right mix of rustic and feminine:

Outdoor Casual

Nothing says, "outdoor adventure" like a little plaid and fur-trim, so I made sure to incorporate both. A festive pair of burgundy skinnies, plus a long sleeve plaid button-down shirt, fur-trimmed booties and a puffy vest will all work together to keep you stylish, comfortable and warm.

Since I'm on a roll, I'm skipping the scenario, but I do think this outfit would work for a caroling outing, or an outdoor tree-lighting, or a trip to the local skating rink. In other words, it's versatile:

Winter Fun Outfit

It seems that the military trend is always in, and I just love how the feminine shape of the skirt contrasts the structure of the military-inspired coat. The colors are a fun, unusual combination, but still completely wearable. The stripes make it funky, but not overtly so. It's a look I'd love to wear!

I hope you've had as much fun looking at these fun outdoors-y outfits as I had putting them together. I just love layered looks and the colder months are when I get to play with them. What's your favorite season to style?

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