Friday, March 18, 2011

Rate My Look- New Etsy Necklace Purchase

I was SO excited to put an outfit together sans tights this week. I wore it on Monday when the temperature was just starting to creep upwards. I kept boots in the mix, but it still felt liberating. I'm very fortunate to have such a large assortment of separates to mix together and create outfits with and it's a fun part of getting ready in the morning. There is, however, a new piece I'm wearing in this outfit- my necklace. 

A couple of weeks ago, BBBellezza had a sale in her Etsy shop and I used the opportunity to score one of her necklaces made out of vintage keys. There's something romantic about the keys- the patina on the metal that I know isn't artificially manufactured, and in the case of this particular necklace- the scrap of lace that complements the old metal pieces- the key and the escutcheon (keyhole cover). Here's a closer look at the necklace: 

I like how the necklace works with the sweater, too- the lace-y knit pattern on the top half of the sweater is also quite romantic and works well with the slim pencil skirt and tall suede boots. Lately, I've found myself keeping my outfits fairly neutral because of my new glasses. They are so bold and colorful, I find myself avoiding big earrings and clothing that might clash with them, but the key necklace and neutral outfit worked out perfectly and still look interesting and put-together.

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