Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Not Spring Yet

Whenever we get to March, I start to dress as if spring has already arrived. By now, I'm so sick of wearing tights and thick socks and boots and scarves and heavy coats- all I want to do is starting pulling out all my spring-y sun dresses and flowery skirts and light, flow-y tops and sandals- oh my gosh am I dying for sandals!

Unfortunately, I live in the northeast, where it sometimes snows in April. My point is this: winter is not over yet. Spring is not yet here. I need to accept this reality and do my best to cope by wearing appropriate clothing and accessories until the temperatures actually begin to rise. Of course, if I had this lovely winter coat, that might ease the burden a bit:

Sovereign Style Coat, Modcloth, $259.99 (out of stock- BOO!) 

It may be winter white and a very warm wool blend, but the contrast detail on the coat just seems to be beckoning spring. Yes, those appear to be flowers in the design- and what says "spring" more than flowers? Even if I was crazy enough to buy a nearly $300 wool coat on the cusp of spring, it is unfortunately sold out for the time being. But with the pin tucks at the waist and the beautiful collar and buttons, I'm afraid if it was back in stock in my size, I'd be knocking that money out of my checking account so fast, Modcloth's collective heads would be spinning. 

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