Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: Amazing Falsies

I admit it, I've occasionally worn false eye lashes. Working in theatre, I saw so many performers use them that they became less intimidating, so when I had my own event for which I need to amp it up, I would occasionally pull from the theatrical bag-of-tricks I'd acquired over the years. The key is to keep them looking as natural as possible. Which is why I'm kind of confused about why I love these false lashes SO much:

Peony Eyelashes, Luna & Curious

What is it about them that I'm drawn to? I honestly don't even know, because I can't picture myself actually wearing them. I mean, in what situation would they be appropriate? Also, how do they look with your actual lashes? Do your own lashes obscure the intricate design? Are they uncomfortable or distracting to wear? Are they re-usable? What are they made of? I have so many questions! 

What do you think of these unique false lashes? Would you ever wear something like this? Leave a comment and let's talk about it- I'm dying to know what you all think! 

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f8hasit said...

I think they are fabulous in the photograph, but probably not for 'real' life.

But given your own amount of questions about them, AND your knowledge on the subject to begin with...can you imagine the confusion if you wore them out from strangers that would behold all your lacey lashes?

Take a camera. Their expressions would be worth capturing on film.

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