Saturday, March 12, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: New Glasses

I have been wearing my glasses more frequently than I am accustomed to and as a result, I've become extremely dissatisfied with my current pair. They are several years old and while they are still cute and stylish, the prescription is out of date. Through most of my adult life, my glasses have been something I wear at night before I go to bed and in the morning before I shower. In other words, they're functional to me, but not part of my every day look. Since the great pink-eye epidemic of 2010 (which I suspect may not have even been pink eye), I've been wearing my glasses more and more frequently, as opposed to my contact lenses. While I still intend to wear my contacts most of the time, I decided I should probably update the prescription in my current pair of glasses. Or, better yet, consider purchasing a new pair of glasses- frames and all.

So, I made an appointment with my eye doctor last week. I couldn't believe how fabulous some of the frames were that I could choose from in the optician's shop! It was actually FUN shopping for new glasses! I couldn't believe my eyes- pun intended! Haha!

But seriously, I fell in love with the designs of the company Fysh UK. (Pronounced like "fish," but spelled with a "y." Doesn't that automatically make them cooler?) Sure, there were plenty of well-known designers to choose from- Calvin Klein, Coach, Kenneth Cole, etc., but the Fysh designs were so unique and exciting, that I found myself truly looking forward to wearing glasses! Check out some of their designs:

Style 3301
Style 3309 (Doesn't this one remind you of Mondrian's artwork?)
Style 3404

Style 3410

Style 3411

Style 3414

In the end, it came down to two pair, both of which are pictured above. Can you guess which ones ended up being mine? Leave a comment- I'll be posting a picture as soon as they come in with my (super strong) prescription. I'm so blind. 

Anyway, if you are in the market for a new pair of eye glasses, I strongly recommend you check out Fysh UK. You will have to find a retailer near you, since you can't exactly purchase prescription glasses online! If you live in New Hampshire and would like to know where I got mine, I'd be happy to recommend my eye doctor. He is amazing! And the optical shop in his practice has a nice selection of all sorts of glasses- not just Fysh, of course. Just email me for info. 

Another thing I like about their line is that Fysh has style that are clearly masculine or feminine as well as several that could easily go either way. But even if Fysh isn't your style, visit their website because they have a guide that can help you select a style of frames that will work best for your face. Called "FYT YOUR FACE," that particular section of the website explains how to select the most flattering frames in terms of shape, size and color. Check it out! 

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