Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: Jewelry Parties

On Saturday night I went to one of those at-home-jewelry-party events. It was a lot of fun, mostly because it combined some of my favorite things: food, friends and shopping! I tried not to go too crazy spending a lot of money, and ended up purchasing just a pair of earrings and a bracelet. I'm happy with my purchases and looking forward to when they arrive in the mail (should be any day now), but the whole experience got me thinking about these types of parties.

These events are usually hosted by someone in their home and then a representative will bring samples of the products and everyone can have fun shopping and socializing. Sometimes the rep will give a demonstration and talk about the products. Other times, it's less formal, with guests browsing through the items and asking questions of the rep if need be. The concept is far from new- remember Tupperware parties? It pays to be the hostess because usually the hostess will receive a percentage of the party sales toward her own purchases. There are often bonus "hostess gifts" as well- sometimes you automatically receive one, other times it is based on the sales at the party. In the end, if you're the hostess, your friends get to shop and then if they spend enough, your purchases could be free! I suppose that's a great incentive to host a party, but how do you know what company to choose? There are SO many! And it won't do to host a party for a company you don't like!

When I look back, I'm actually surprised by how many of these types of parties I've attended and how many different products I've sampled as a result. In my Google search, I discovered half a dozen home-party jewelry companies alone! There's Silpada, Lia Sophia, Azuli Skye, Bella Shaye, Guy and Eva, and Stella and Dot. In the end, I liked a lot of the jewelry I saw at the party and overall it was a fun experience. I find these parties to mostly be fun because of the people in attendance. I often reflect on my purchases a day or two later and think that I overspent- that if I'd seen those same pieces in Macy's, I probably wouldn't have bought them, but because of the atmosphere of shopping and spending, I splurged at the party. Also, you don't RSVP "Yes" to a party like that without assuming some financial contribution, right?

Have any of you attended or hosted a party like this? Are you a representative for any home party companies? Have you ever gone to a party like that and chosen NOT to buy? Do you feel the products are of a decent quality for the price you pay? How do you like shopping in that type of environment? Do you feel the companies should have all their products for sale on their website as well as through the representatives? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

And if you're wondering, I attended a Stella and Dot party and bought these:


SewOm said...

Those earrings are gorgeous! The first pair are my favorite. How will they work with your glasses?

SewOm said...

Ooops, just realized the first pic is a bracelet. Still, I love it!

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