Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carly Foulkes And Amazing Pink Dresses

Have you guys been paying attention to the T-Mobile commercials with Carly Foulkes? I die over nearly every one of the fabulous pink and white dresses they have her in for each of those commercials- they're all SO adorable! The vintage silhouettes, the bold prints, the flattering necklines- I love everything about them!

My favorites are the last 2, but you can get a look at them in action in these actual T-Mobile commercials: 

The commercials may not be the most brilliant ever written, but I'm happy to watch them for the fashion alone.  So by now you're probably wondering where to find your own adorable pink dresses. Well, I've found them for you: 

Polka Dot Dress, Delia's, $44.50 

Aqua Avril Dress, ASOS, $304.81

Swing Petticoat Dress, Starlets & Harlets, $129.99 

Few of these are quite as fabulous as Carly's in the commercials, so maybe my Etsy shop will need to have a few additions in bright pink and white prints. But first, one for me! The tough thing is finding fabrics in such awesome prints, but trust, I'm on the hunt. If you're interested in being the recipient of one of these dresses, email me and we'll talk measurements and whatnot. 

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Linda Marie Daniels said...

Thanks for this post about Carly and those amazing dresses. As you mention, the commercials may not be the most fascinating ever produced, but Carly is adorable and those dresses are gorgeous.

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