Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rate My Look- Black and White and just a little 80's

Have you ever had one of those days where you don't plan to buy any new clothes, but somehow it ends up happening anyway? I went into TJ Maxx the other day looking for some home decor-type things. Well, they must have just received a new shipment of fabulous tops, because I walked out with three. Granted, I am in need of nice tops for work, since I'm so into skirts lately. I bought two chiffon tops with an asymmetrical neckline and a camisole underneath. They are identical except for the fact that one is a dark, creamy ivory and the other is a cool grey. I honestly couldn't decide which one looked better and since I could envision each one with several different skirts and pants in my wardrobe, I decided to get both. At only $12.99 each, I think it was a smart move. The other top I got was a simple red silk top with cap sleeves and a slightly scooped neckline. It's very demure, so it will be a good "professional" top to wear.

Later that same day, I was down at the Loop, meeting a friend for dinner and a movie (P.S. You should definitely go see "The King's Speech- great film).  I arrived about 20 minutes early, so I popped into Old Navy. I went in looking for a new pair of jeans, since I'm partial to their "Sweetheart" bootcut. They didn't have the size I need in the length and wash I prefer, so I started browsing to kill time. Before I knew it, I was at the checkout with a fabulous black and cream skirt in tiered ruffles. SO adorable! And only $6.99 to boot!

A couple of days later, I'd managed to create a whole new outfit using the new skirt and one of my new tops. It was a fun, funky look for work. I accessorized in all black- black shoes and tights, a wide black belt, black sparkly earrings and some layers of black bangles on my wrist. The overall effect was fun and a touch reminiscent of the 80's, too:

It's always interesting to me how outfits evolve. When I bought the top, I was envisioning it with one of my trim pencil skirts. But when I paired it with the skirt, it really worked. Unfortunately, the skirt has an elastic waistband. I was thinking of changing it by removing the elastic, sewing a new, non-stretch waistband on and installing a zipper. But that seems like an awful lot of work for a $7 skirt. Instead, I decided to mask the ugly waistband with a wide belt. Of course, I made the fatal error of selecting the most slippery belt in my closet, so when I got to work, I asked one of the seamstresses to sew the belt right to my skirt- while I was still wearing both! (One of the perks of managing an alterations department, I suppose- constant access to a needle, thread and competent hands to operate both.) I think it was the belt that made me take the accessories even further with the big, sparkly earrings and the layers of bangles. While it's certainly not an "edge-y" look, it does have a touch of Madonna, circa "Like a Virgin." Just a touch, though. 

What do you think of my bargain outfit? It was an accident the way the pieces seemed to fall into my life, but I think they'll be fun and versatile items for multiple seasons. 

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