Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shoesday Tuesday: Shoe Dazzle VS. Just Fabulous

A new year has dawned and I STILL have not purchased a single pair of shoes from either "personal stylist" shoe services- Shoe Dazzle and Just Fabulous. I've been signed up with Shoe Dazzle for a lot longer than Just Fabulous, but as far as I can tell, they are nearly identical services. So why not pit them against each other? I will show you the shoes in each of my "showrooms" and we will decide which ones are better!

First up, Shoe Dazzle:

Other than "Kylie," I love them all. LOVE. THEM. ALL. "Lalit" is available in a black version, which I definitely prefer. "York" is remarkably similar to the Kelsi Dagger boot that seems to want to haunt my life. And haunt it FOREVER.

And now for Just Fabulous:

I'm 50/50 on this selection- I really love "Alice," "Kelly" and "Morgan," but I'm not a huge fan of "Joan," "Dakota" or "Casey." However, I really love "Alice" nearly enough to actually buy it. And since it is available in the nude color show as well as black and grey, it almost makes me want to buy all three colors. So while more shoes in the Shoe Dazzle showroom caught my eye, the one I'm actually most likely to purchase is from Just Fabulous.

My life is so hard.


Monica said...

I signed up for both services just to see if anything would catch my eye, but have yet to make a purchase on either. I'm waiting to see a shoe I can't live without before I buckle in and give up my credit card number.

So far, I'm liking JustFab more, since their shoes are in a more "neutral" style. Most of my Shoedazzle selections have leaned towards hooker shoes or open-toed boots, which I personally find horrifying. I also prefer Justfab's showroom, since they have reviews and videos and celebrity pictures of each shoe so I have a better idea of how each shoe fits and what it looks like.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Monica- I'm often not a fan of the "hooker" styles that Shoe Dazzle puts in my showroom, either. However, I had a roommate who was a member of Shoe Dazzle and she was ALWAYS getting a new pair in the mail. They were often the shoes that I had deemed "too hooker" to buy. The weird thing is that they didn't look like hooker shoes when she had them on. It's hard to explain, but I found myself considering the stiletto/platform combination more and more frequently because it looked great on my roommate- not hooker-esque at all!

Anonymous said...

BEWARE - Just Fabulous is a scam! If you purchase something, they auto-enroll you into a "VIP membership" that charges your credit card/bank $39.95 on the 6th of the month if you don't visit the site b/n 1st-5th to buy something or "skip month." Once they have your credit card number, you cannot remove it. The product quality is terrible, so once you receive a purchase, you will not want anything else. The terms are hidden in FAQ and at bottom under Terms. This is how they make their money, NOT from shoes. BEWARE! BEWARE!

M Blavat said...

JustFab isn't a scam. They're EXTREMELY clear about their terms when you make your purchase. They send you an email AND a letter explaining the terms with your first order. You can't call it a scam if you didn't bother to read the terms and conditions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with M Blavat. I have been using Just Fab for almost a year and they are not running any kind of scam. All you have to to is "skip the month" and you have 5 days to do it before they charge you. They send you an email on the first of each month to let you know that you can skip the month if you want.

Anonymous said...

Shoedazzle is 100 times better than JustFab.And w/Shoedazzle,you don't even have to skip the month anymore & they won't charge you.I'm sure JustFab will eventually copy that idea,but for now,it's just yet another reason why SD is superior to JF.I've been a SD member for 3 months now,and have ordered 10 pairs already!I have yet to order from JF-their shoes are for the most part cheap looking and hideous,and anything even remotely wearable is ALWAYS sold out in my size,& they don't have nearly the selection SD has.Also,something about the porportions of their shoes just always look off. SD's shoes are great quality & look and feel more expensive than $39.95.I tell people to go to both sites and compare them,and they always seem to agree that SD is way better.

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