Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rate My Look: Festive Fascinator, etc.

One of the advantages of taking a new job in the fall is that none of your new co-workers know or saw what you wore to the holiday party at your previous job. Meaning? You get to re-use whatever fabulous outfit you wore. In my case, it was my "lady in red" dress that I made for myself last year. It was a HUGE hit with my new co-workers and that is saying something when you consider what fashionistas they all are. Here I am at last year's holiday party at AMT:

And here I am at this year's holiday party with my new co-workers McKenzie, Juhree and Elizabeth, a sales consultant, the store manager and the store owner, respectively: 

So, I may have had a second "debut" of the dress in real life, but I certainly can't fool the interwebs! If you've been reading the blog long enough to remember that I wore the dress, then I think I probably owe you a second outfit on this post, and a good one at that. Fortunately, I have one. 

One of my favorite couples hosts an annual New Year's Eve party that is always fun. While living in Pennsylvania, I wasn't ever able to attend, but I remember going in years prior to my move and always enjoying myself. One thing I love about this party is the eclectic mix of people in attendance. You never know if someone will show up in jeans and a trucker hat (like last night), or a full tuxedo (2005, I believe), or even an authentic dress kimono (2006, maybe). You may think that makes dressing for the party difficult, but you'd be wrong. All it means is that each guest is encouraged to dress in whatever way they deem appropriate and comfortable. Regardless of what you are wearing when you show up, you will be welcome. I decided to wear an LBD with a couple of fun accessories: 

You've seen the dress before in this post, but in this setting it's perfect for a NYE party. The sequins add a touch of glamour to an otherwise basic LBD. Leopard print heels amp up the sex-appeal and the fascinator makes it as festive as can be! When I walked in the door to the party, my host said, "You are New Year's Eve personified!" I'd call that a compliment, for sure! While it is a bit over-the-top, the fascinator is actually very light-weight and comfortable and some other guests at the party enjoyed donning it, too: 

Sherry, a guest at the party

Danielle, our hostess

To me, it's very Philip Treacy, but it certainly didn't cost anywhere near what his designs go for. In fact, I found it at Forever 21 a couple of years ago for only $5.80! I knew I would have to wait for a "dress up" opportunity to wear it, and I'm glad that opportunity came sooner rather than later (if you can call two years "sooner"). 

Now that I've shared my holiday party outfits, why don't you tell me about yours? Leave a comment on this post or email me a picture! 

Happy New Year! 

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Maria said...

Both outfits are great, but that red is STUNNING! I love how you wore your hair with it this year, too.

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