Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wiggle Week: Find Your Own Wiggle Dress

After a mere three days into "Wiggle Week 2011," I can tell you're all salivating over the idea of getting one for yourself. Fortunately, for you, I've done the legwork  and found plenty of fabulous ones already in a variety of colors and price points. And I do believe there's a wiggle dress here for everyone- I've covered the most vintage look all the way to a modern version of the silhouette.

50's Wiggle Pencil Dress, Starlets and Harlets, $64.95

Ripple of Excitement Dress, Mocloth, $134.99

Grand Tour Dress, Modcloth, $159.99

Candied Cranberries Dress, Modcloth, $147.99

Sleeveless Dress, Venus, $44

Avenger Sheath Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue, $345

Honestly, if there isn't a dress pictured above that appeals to you, then you just might not have a soul. Kidding... 

No, really... you might not. 

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