Monday, January 31, 2011

Rate My Look- Old School Project Runway

While my favorite designer (far and away) during season four of Project Runway was Christian Siriano (duh), I still appreciated many of the designs that other contestants created throughout the course of the show. One of my favorite looks that season was Victorya Hong's 2-piece outfit created for Sarah Jessica Parker's then brand-new line Bitten. The prize for winning the challenge was seeing your design actually sold as part of SJP's line at Steve & Barry's stores around the country. Not bad, right? At the time this episode aired, I happened to work across the street from a Steve & Barry's and of course I couldn't help myself- I HAD to see if they had the winning look. In case you don't remember, here it is:

Remember this adorable outfit? The trapeze dress with attached neck bow and the "shrunken" vest in a fun plaid were so hip and youthful. I still really love the whole idea of the look. I've worn the dress plenty of times since purchasing it (for $19.98, by the way), but I had yet to style it just like Victorya did. I finally decided to do so when I was getting dressed for work one day last week. I paired it with my own racer-back vest that is normal, as opposed to "shrunken." Overall, I really loved the look and even though it is several years old (about 4, actually), I didn't feel outdated or off-trend at all. 

So many times before, when wearing this dress, I just automatically tied the neck piece into a regular bow. Only recently did I remember that Victorya had styled her model with the tie in an obi-style bow. I decided to see how that looked on me and -wonder of wonders- I loved it! Obviously, I layered my vest on top, and since it was so cold out that day (-10 degrees F), I wore thick leggings and warm boots. You can't see them, but I also wore thick woolen socks that I got for Christmas this past year. (Thanks, Micah!) 

So what do you think of my version of the look? Leave a comment and tell me what you think! 

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