Friday, January 21, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: A Steve Madden Bag was Stalking Me Today...

It was your typical afternoon at TJ Maxx- some bargains to be found, some interesting patrons roaming the aisles. I haven't felt the need to purchase much lately- I genuinely can't think of anything I need. There's plenty that I want, of course, but need? Not so much. Regardless, I still like to pop in to some of my favorite bargain stores just in case there's something super cheap that I simply cannot pass up. On this particular day, I didn't find anything that matched that description, but I did managed to get stalked for a little while. By a HANDBAG, no less. I snapped his photo in case I need to file a police report:

It was only $34.99 and it was definitely one of the nicer "vegan" bags Steve Madden has put out. The "leather" was soft and supple, not too stiff. And it was HUGE. I have a tendency to fall in love with enormous bags because of how they look, but as soon as I purchase one, I tend to fall out of love a bit. Aesthetically, I adore them. Functionally, they let me down every time. (Well, that's not fair. They don't let me down when I need to smuggle a bag of popcorn, 2 packages of Reese's pieces and a couple of bottled drinks into the movie theatre, but other than that...) I really hate that "bottomless pit" syndrome that so many large bags tend to have. And as gorgeous as this Steve Madden bag is, with it's contrast stitching and it's twisted front detail, as soon as I opened it, I knew it would be that bottomless bag that I find so difficult to deal with. I put it back and walked away from it. I thought it was out of my life until I turned the corner and there it was again- this time in a buttery brown: 

I picked it up AGAIN! I was so drawn to it, I couldn't really help myself! But after a moment, I regained my senses and once again convinced myself it would be the bottomless bag that drives me bonkers. I walked away for the second time. This time, I really thought it was out of my life, but as I meandered down another aisle of bags, there it was again! This time, in a nearly irresistible pewter: 

Hello, gorgeous. 

At this point, I was starting to feel a little bit paranoid, so I rushed out of the bag section and over to the cashmere, but the whole experience had me pretty freaked out. Wouldn't you be freaked out if a bag was stalking you like that? Stop judging me. It's not like I bought it. But I kind of want to. In all three colors. I said to stop judging me!  


Beth said...

Why would anyone judge? I say, World, stop judging ladies who love handbags! It's like loving art, right? You would never tell someone to stop collecting Picassos. Or stamps. Or model trains... We need handbags! Need them! They bring joy and beauty to the world, and they carry stuff!

Oh dear. I may have gone a little overboard. You know how I feel about bags. It's not so much them stalking me as the reverse.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Cheers to that, Beth! I'm all for comparing beautiful bags to Picassos. :)

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