Friday, January 14, 2011

Rate My Look- Finally a black WORK outfit!

It's been a while since I managed to photograph myself in one of my all-black separates outfits that I wear to work every Saturday. I admit, I enjoy seeing what each employee wears to work with this extremely restrictive color palate. There are back cardigans, black sweater dresses, black tights, black pants, black leggings, black blouses, black dresses, black boots, back skirts, black, black, BLACK! It may sound boring, but it usually isn't. Every now and then someone will wear a colored scarf or add a pop of grey or white to their outfit, which is technically allowed. I've been trying to be really strict and only allow myself black. Period. Last Saturday, I wore this outfit:

Top: Daffy's
Skirt: Macy's
Shoes: DSW

The skirt and shoes were part of my recent purchases specifically for work outfits. The blouse was part of my booty from a shopping trip in NYC about a year ago. All three items have made several appearances at work as part of all-black Saturday outfits as well as other multi-colored looks.

This outfit is another perfect example of mixing textures to create an interesting monochromatic look. The skirt is tiered lace and the top is satin. Funny how I encounter the same combination of fabrics nearly every day, except usually in white or ivory. I'm very happy with how the shoes seem to be holding up. I've worn them a lot since purchasing them and I definitely consider them a successful purchase. They are still comfortable even for 10-hour days and very busy Saturdays. I'm hoping to stock my closet with a couple more basic black shoes to wear in various seasons. I hope open-toed shoes are allowed in the summer!

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Alessandra said...

You can't get much better than this when it comes to a black work outfit! The mixed textures make it original and pretty at the same time.

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