Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Wiggle, Four Ways

Let's suppose- hypothetically- that four different women all bought the same LBWD (Little Black Wiggle Dress). Each woman had a specific event or occasion in mind. Now, let's picture each woman using that LBWD  in the manner that most suits her personal style and lifestyle. Better yet, how about I actually show you those different outfits with one LBWD? I'm so glad you want to see that, because I've already done it and here they are:

Do you need to nail a job interview or an important pitch to the powers-that-be? Do you want to present yourself as the hard-working corporate maven that you are? What the "power tie" did for Donald Trump, the LBWD could do for you. Just pair it with appropriate accouterments like a polished blazer, demure heels and an amazing bag or briefcase. This look oozes "success" and "accomplishment" from every inch. A monochromatic approach keeps everything polished, but neutral, but the varying textures keep it visually interesting.

Not everyone wants or needs to dress for the corporate world, in such conservative ways. Some companies actually encourage you to express your personal style at work. For the woman who wants to demonstrate her rocker side, while still looking professional, a simple change of accessories is all that is required. The cage heels add a tough vibe to the look that takes the otherwise demure dress to a nearly dominatrix-esque level.

Whether you are acting as the hostess or guest, the LBWD will help you look effortlessly stunning for any dinner party this year.No matter if it's with an intimate group of friends, or a large festive gathering, a holiday party, or a high school reunion, this look will work every time. Nude heels are the magic element for creating a super long leg line and coordinated, but not matching jewelry makes a bold, but modern statement.

When it comes to a nice night out, there isn't much that the LBWD needs to turn up the volume on the sex appeal. An amazing pair of heels in a bright color, or better yet, animal print, adds a playful, flirtatious twist to the look. Simple jewelry and a bold, red lip are all you need to complete the look. Be sure to keep the look soft with a lace-trimmed shawl or light-weight pashmina in a contrasting, but still neutral color.

As you can see, the LBWD has withstood this test of versatility, in terms of both varying events and personal style/taste. It's more than just a retro look. I hope I've helped convince you of that, anyway!

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