Monday, January 24, 2011

Wiggle Week Tribute: Joan Holloway

I've mentioned my obsession with Mad Men several times here on the blog, but I want to mention it again this week, simply because Joan Holloway's costuming is so relevant to wiggle week. I would venture to say that Christina Hendricks and Janie Bryant (Mad Men's costume designer) have been the driving force behind bringing this amazing dress back to the forefront of fashion trends. We've all heard about Christina Hendricks and her "curvy" body- how difficult it is to dress her for awards shows, how happy people are to see a "real" woman in hollywood, etc. But the truth of the matter is that her body is the ideal shape for pulling off a silhouette like the wiggle dress. Need proof? Look no further:

The wiggle dress celebrates a woman's curves, so what better body type to show it off than a curvaceous bombshell like Christina Hendricks? With the number of designers out there creating clothing that is most suited to a size 0 or 2, it's nice to know there is a style of dress that actually looks better on a curvy woman than it does on a model. Check back later this week to find out where to buy a great wiggle dress for yourself. And I'll also be showing off MY new wiggle dress that I managed to snag second hand for a mere $12! 


Alessandra said...

Joan is my favorite character, hands down. Great style.

Natalya's Closet said...

I love these dresses, and she DOES have amazing curves! Can't wait to see your wiggle dress! XOXO,

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