Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rate My Look- Wiggle Week Style

As promised, here is my fabulous wiggle dress, that I purchased from Second Time Around, a great consignment shop on Newbury Street in Boston:

The dress was marked down 30%, but since it was missing the belt, I talked them down to an additional discount and scored it for only $12! (They don't need to know that I already owned the perfect black patent skinny belt- ignorance is bliss, right?) I was shopping with my mom when I bought this dress and when I asked for the discount, I was afraid I was embarrassing her with my brazen miserly behavior. After all, I'd mortified her a month and a half prior when I haggled with the guy at the roadside Christmas tree stand. But as we walked out of the store, she said that this time wasn't as embarrassing. I suppose I'm just that kind of person who always asks for a little extra off the bottom line. In this situation, it worked to my advantage! 

So what do you think of my wiggle dress? Isn't the collar just darling? And the red is super fun, but not too over-the-top. I love it with my black patent peep toe heels, but it looks just as good with my black wedges, which are much more practical for work.

Since purchasing this one, I've totally fallen in love with the silhouette, and I actually found ANOTHER bargain wiggle dress the other day. You'll have to check back again in a couple of days to see it, though. 


Alessandra said...

Wiggle away, you look gorgeous in that dress! Joan would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Coming to an episode of MAD MEN near you, Renee T Bouchard as, "New Secretary/Office Looker".

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Oooh- does that mean I get to make out with Don Draper? At the very least, right?

amy ! said...

LOVE THIS DRESS!! What a perfect silhouette for you!!

kiwibubbles said...

wow I love this dress on you. the dress is a gorgeous colour and is a really lovley shape on you. I just found your blog by googling wiggle dresses, im a mad men fan too. really loving your blog.

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