Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- Lots o' shoes!

The start of the month always means new selections in my Shoe Dazzle Showroom, but now that I've joined Just Fabulous, it means even more shoes for me to check out! First up, my Shoe Dazzle Shoes:

I really like "Gracia" and "Natiri" but the rest aren't that appealing to me. Next up, Just Fabulous' selections for me:

"Lily" reminds me of a pair of shoes I already own, my taupe-suede cut-out heels that I got over the summer. I also really like "Felicia," but I don't have much need for high heels these days. If you remember my post from the end of December about shopping with Beth, you may recall I bought a pair of teal faux-suede heels that are simply gorgeous. I finally managed to snap a picture for you:

So pretty! And they look even better on than they do on their own. Trust me that they are a brighter teal in life than they are in the photo, too. What do you think of my Shoe Dazzle and Just Fabulous showroom selections? And what do you think of my teal heels? Leave a comment!
And don't forget that since it's Shoesday Tuesday, I'll be looking for your shoe-related tweets with the hashtag #ShoesdayTuesday. Tweet as many times as you like! 

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