Friday, December 3, 2010

Shoe Dazzle: Now offering... Hats?

Yes, you read the title correctly- Shoe Dazzle offered me a set of three hats as an option last month. They were pretty cute:

I'm not sure what is prompting them to expand their repertoire from shoes to bags to jewelry to hats- they should call themselves "Accessory Dazzle." What I liked about Shoe Dazzle in the early days was the fact that the selections for my showroom felt personalized and pared down. In an effort to provide more options to their customers, the Shoe Dazzle executives have ended up creating an experience that is not particularly focused or personalized. The monthly specials they offer seem to be randomly selected and while there's nothing I love more than a sequin beret, I had to choose to pass on these hats as well as the shoes, bags and jewelry in my showroom. When I first joined Shoe Dazzle, I received 5, 6 at most, shoe selections in my showroom. Now I have nearly a dozen pair of shoes plus a dozen handbags plus the six or seven jewelry options and now I add a set of hats to the mix? It's overwhelming and as I said above, it feels far less personalized. It feels like they aren't selling enough shoes, so they're breaking their own rules and parameters in order to entice me. Do you think I'm being cynical? Would you be more appreciative of the options or be frustrated with the company? I'd be happy to hear your opinions in the comments. Happy Friday, everyone! 

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