Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Blog Post: FAIL

Mostly I think of myself as a consistent blogger. I've been writing this blog since July of 2009 and I've managed to average 1.23 posts per day (including weekends). Pretty decent stats, if you ask me. But when I got home tonight after a 10 hour day at work, book-ended by a 45 minute commute, I realized I hadn't posted anything on the blog. And while you may think I'm blaming the long day at work and the long dive back and forth to and from work, I'm not. I'm blaming CSI: Crime City, a highly addictive game on Facebook. (Honestly, is there any other kind of Facebook game?)

Now if you'll excuse me, since this day is a bust, I may as well go back to Facebook and solve some more fictional crimes. In my jammies. Fashion blog, what? Fail.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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