Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hannukah, the New Christmas. What to wear for the Challahdays

BY: Hayley Raphael. guest blogger.

A few years ago, I got a job as a singing dancing snow bunny at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA.

Having just come off of two jobs playing 10 year-olds, I was thrilled beyond belief to wear a beautiful array of gowns and cocktail dresses costumed by the talented Renee Bouchard.

When Renee and I met, it was love at first fitting.

Being the only Jewish gal in the cast, I decided when in Rome do as...well, you know. I decked the halls, donned the lights and embraced everything Christmas complete with boughs of holly and a lovely blonde hair blue eyed Catholic boyfriend (I figured he was a good accessory).

When Christmas came I pulled over the reindeer sweater, sang "Oh Holy Night" at the top of my lungs and embraced all that was Christmas and holiday cheer.

Two years later, this Hebrew is back in the homeland. No not Israel, silly people. The Upper East Side of Manhattan.

So the question is, what do Jews do on Christmas?

Absolutely nothing.

Seriously. We eat Chinese food and go to a movie. Christmas eve comes and there are thousands of us that roll out of our apartments in droves, glasses on, Jew fro out, and popcorn we made at home to sneak into the theatre. (What, like none of you have ever done that before. Please!)

So the question is, what should the stylish Jew on the go wear when she wants to celebrate the challadays in style?

Anything she wants. Seriously, anything.

Since Hannukah is the "Festival of Lights," and the colors if the Israeli flag are blue and white, I suggest something blue with a little bit if bling. On the holidays one can get away with wearing too many sparkles and accessorizing to your heart's content. I mean, when else can you walk in a room wearing a glitter dress, cocktail rings and chandelier earrings and be greeted Billy Crystal style with , "Dahlink, you look marvelous."

Some designers that carry blinged dresses are Betsy Johnson, BCBG, and Alexander McQueen.

And for the rest of America: Target, Gap, H&M and Forever 21 always have some lovely bling-bling.

And if all else fails, just decoupage the daylights out of a sweater. But make sure to have fun!

Happy Challadays to you and yours

Now lets nosh!


Hayley aka creative sprite

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