Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rate My Look- Another Pencil Skirt

You may be starting to realize that I've fallen in love with several pencil skirts recently. For someone who swears by a full circle skirt silhouette, I've really taken to this new-found look. I still love the full skirt look, but I am enjoying the variety that can now be found in my closet. On my recent trip to New York, I stumbled upon an amazing Nanette Lepore pencil skirt in army green sateen. It's pretty stunning and has the most fabulous detail at the waist. The best part? It was only $33 at Daffy's:

The sweater was a Christmas gift- some lovely cashmere from my mom. I guess she reads the blog, too and saw my recent tribute to cashmere. Either that, or my hints of "needing more cashmere in my life" were heard loud and clear. Although I'm normally a fan of bright jewel tones, I really liked this outfit, which I wore to church on Boxing Day. It includes quite a range of earth tones- army green, light forest green, chocolate brown and taupe. The shoes are my gorgeous suede cut-out platforms that I scored shortly before moving from PA back to NH. I blogged about them back then and you can read the original post here. If you recall, I scored them for just under $15! 

Another fabulous accessory is my super cool cocktail ring. I splurged on that ring after getting my first paycheck from my new job. I was shopping with Beth at a fabulous store in Jamaica Plain called Salmagundi. I mostly love them for their amazing hats, many of which they design themselves, but on this particular day, it was an amazing wooden ring that caught my eye: 

How super cool is this ring? I love it! it's got a wooden base with leaves on top, covered in an amber epoxy of some sort. 

So what do YOU think of my departure in terms of both silhouette and color scheme? I think it all works pretty well for me- more evidence that you shouldn't pigeon-hole yourself in terms of style. Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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