Thursday, May 13, 2010

Variations on a Halter Neckline

After making Rachel's dress last weekend and Kate's dress a few weeks ago, I got to thinking about halter necklines. They really are the perfect neckline for basically anyone and nearly any situation. Halters can minimize a large bust or maximize a small one. They can create a canvas for an interesting statement necklace or they can be the focal point of the neckline all on their own. They are perfectly appropriate for a formal affair or a casual beach top. Like I said, they're basically perfect. However, finding the perfect one for your body isn't always an easy task. That's why I've done it for you!

For the small-busted lady:

If you have a small bust, stick with a gathered or pleated high-neck halter. The extra fabric actually gives the illusion of a larger bustline. You can achieve the same effect with ruffles on a high neckline halter as well. This type of halter isn't always as flattering with large busts because sometimes the pleating or gathering can actually be spread out and distorted by a large bust underneath.

Speaking of larger busts here are the halters for you:

Silk Crossover Halter Dress, Ann Taylor, $168

Ruffle Halter Dress, Banana Republic, $130

If you have a larger bust, keep an eye out for halters with plenty of room for "the girls," which often means gentle pleating or gathering at the bust area, creating a full "cup." Also, look for halters that have an open neckline in a gentle scoop or soft "v" shape. (If the "v" is deep, you can always layer a starpless cami underneath, too.) I personally prefer a halter strap that is a little more substantial than the first one pictured above because the larger pieces of fabric look more in proportion to the larger breasts they are holding up. But, if you are the kind of girl who has a larger bust but likes to show off her upper collarbone area, smaller straps would be a better choice for you.

And finally, girls with either very dainty shoulders or very broad, athletic shoulder should wear these:

Beaded Silk Halter Top, Neiman Marcus, $153

The straps on these halter tops are magical. They work on both tiny shoulders and broad shoulders alike and somehow manage to make both look amazing. Because they cross over the center of the shoulder, they can either broaden narrow shoulders or narrow broad shoulders. It's like an optical illusion with fabric. And it's brilliant.

Have I made a convincing argument for the halter neckline? I truly love their versatility- there are so many different variations to choose from that there really is a halter out there for everyone. Find yours now if you haven't already- trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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Beth said...

Great post. I love the summery looks. Now if only the weather here would cooperate so that I could wear them!

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