Monday, May 3, 2010

80's Revival- it's not all bad

I know I've gained a reputation for myself that I am violently opposed to the 80's fashion revival, but I want to set the record straight that I'm not against it in general. I only oppose the unflattering, ugly trends that used to be popular and I support any trend that is flattering on an individual's body and makes them feel great. I also think that any "retro" trend should be modernized in some way- whether through accessories, or fabric choice or even in how it is paired with other more modern pieces. Here are some 80's fashion trends I approve of and why:

Skinny Jeans:
Vans Skinny Jean, 6PM, $24.32

I've always felt my good friend Jenny J said it best when she said, "Skinny jeans are for people whose thighs don't touch." You may or may not agree with that statement, but I want to point out why I'm ok with the 2010 version of skinny jeans: they are low waisted. In the 80's, the waistlines on pants were way up past the bellybutton, but these days they're not only low waisted, but they have a smidge of spandex or lycra in the blend, making them SO much more comfortable. And for the record, I'm NOT ok with acid wash denim.

Denim Vests:

In the 80's a denim vest was basically a denim jacket with the sleeves torn off. Literally. These days, denim vests are sleek and trim. They're also updated with cooler hardware and modern washes. (Remember what I said about acid wash? It applies to denim vests, too.) Personally, I always prefer denim in darker washes, but it's not a hard and fast rule where vests are concerned. As long as it's a modern cut and figure-flattering, I'm ok with a light wash. (See, I have an open mind!)

Shoulder emphasis:

Studded Shoulders Tee, Forever 21, $15.80

Nanette Lepore Dress, Revolve Clothing, $328

Big shoulders in the 80's were supplied by big shoulder pads inside boxy, unflattering dresses and blazers that may as well have come straight from a man's closet. How many women wore long, double-breasted blazers in crazy colors back in the 80's? So many. These days, strong shoulders are back, but they are often done in much subtler ways with interesting embellishments like studs and ruffles. This trend can actually be even more flattering on a woman whose hips are much wider than her shoulders. If this describes you, try wearing a strong-shouldered dress or top to help balance out your hips. It's all about the optical illusion! Just be sure that the garment you choose is fitted to the waist. If it's boxy or shapeless, then you won't be doing your body any favors.

Are there any 80's fashion trends you absolutely love or hate? Leave a comment and tell me about it. And for the record, the following are NOT acceptable 80's fashion trends for 2010 (in my humble opinion, anyway):

Slap bracelets
B.U.M. Equipment t-shirts & sweatshirts (especially if they're cut "Flashdance" style.)
Athletic wear as fashion
Underwear as outerwear
Crimped hair
Scrunch socks


Beth said...

I like some of the trends from the 80's but you are right, most are so unflattering. I like skinny jeans only under tunics. I remember when people wore them with cropped mesh shirts- lol

Taylor said...

I am dying over here - my mom had this giant pile of laundry out yesterday when I went to go pick up my oldest child from her house after work. On top of the pile were these horrible almost-bleached-out high-rise capri pants. I asked my mother WHAT she was doing with those and WHERE was her BUM t-shirt to go with them? (She had this sweet melon-colored BUM t-shirt I used to borrow all the time back in like, 1991.) I can't believe there were two miscellaneous BUM references in one day! Haaa.

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