Thursday, May 27, 2010


I recently read a review of the new SATC2 movie that basically said all fans should "pivot on their Manolo Blahniks" AWAY from the movie theatre. It was a review full of criticisms of the writing and plot lines. Guess what- I don't care! I fully expect this movie to be utterly ridiculous in terms of the plot and I'll be honest- some of my favorite lines from the show and movies are the ridiculous ones (which Samantha is usually charged with). So I'll say it again- I don't care! I'm not seeing this film because it's going to change my life emotionally or convince me to take on some humanitarian cause. I'm going to see it for the FASHIONS. Call me shallow if you must, but it's how I see it. Plus, why do we need Carrie and company to teach us more life and relationship lessons? They finished their work in those areas with the final episode of the series (I still stand by my opinion that no matter what your current relationship situation, there is an episode of SATC that covers it). The movies? They're just bonus material if you ask me. They are escapist fantasies for those of us who want to be a little self-indulgent on movie night. If they do any more than that, they have over-achieved (in my opinion). Of course I love films that move me emotionally or challenge me intellectually, but let's be honest- if I was dealing with all of that AND trying to take in all the accessories, my head would explode. I will likely see the movie tomorrow night, so no spoilers in the comments, please.

Anyway, one of the things I've always loved is how Patricia Field puts together looks for the foursome. Whether its the cover art for a DVD set, a movie poster, or even a scene with the four lovely ladies, I just love how she finds pieces that create a snapshot of the moment. When there is a specific color scheme in mind, she always chooses dresses that suit the various personalities of the characters. For example:

(I DIE for SJP's dress in this one!)

And when the outfits are required to function as part of a scene in either a movie or an episode of the show, they all work together without matching. A few examples:

What Patricia Fields manages to accomplish every time is amazing to me. Perhaps this is because I face similar challenges in my work at AMT when dressing the performers on stage, but I think her task is much more daunting. In every one of these photos, she has managed to:

1.) Stay true to each characters personal style
2.) Select garments appropriate to the event/scene/goings-on of the moment
3.) Balance the four looks so that they all stand out equally
4.) Create outfits that if pulled from the group shot would still be able to stand alone as great looks

Color me impressed. Enjoy the movie! 


Breanne at Bella Vita said...

I agree with all your thoughts completely. What a fantastic job Patricia Field has--and has done over the years! Just fabulous. Great photos to illustrate your points.

Beth said...

I have to say- as a non-fan- I have always LOVED the fashions of this tv show/ movie- it must be a tough job to be the stylist. I give you guys a lot of credit.

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