Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let them wear statement necklaces!

I've admitted on the blog before that I watch the Housewives and I suppose this post will be more evidence of my guilty pleasure. My friend Andrea says you have to watch each episode twice- the first time it's for the drama, the second time it's for the accessories. Seeing as how there are SO many housewives (Orange County, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey), I don't always have time. Although, with the conclusion of LOST tonight, my Tuesdays will be a little more free for frivolous television. And with DVR, the possibilities are endless, I suppose.
Andrea is right about the fashion, though. The housewives may be catty, spiteful, shallow, and perfect for all sorts of other made-for-tv drama, but they (mostly) know how to dress. Even the opening credits are chock-full of fabulous dresses. I hate the narration, though, especially LuAnn's "I never feel guilty about being priveleged." She may as well have said, "Let them eat cake!" But today's focus is on the housewives' fashions, not their mantras.

One thing Andrea and I have been dying over for the entire Real Housewives of NYC season are LuAnn's statement necklaces. You know from this post that statement necklaces have been a hugely popular accessory since the new year, but LuAnn has taken it to another level. It's almost as if she pairs her necklaces with the drama of the show- the bigger her necklace, the more explosive the episode! I have not been able to find a photo of my favorite ones she's worn, but they can only be described as "Flintstone-esque." LuAnn is an absolutely stunning woman, and she's got the height to pull off such large accessories. Unfortunately, not everyone is as statuesque as the lovely Countess, so if you love the statement necklace trend as much as LuAnn, make sure you select ones that don't overwhelm you.

If you want to create drama with your accessories through a statement necklace, but you lack the height the Countess is blessed with, then wear a necklace that is at once a large statement piece and delicately intricate. This Bebe necklace is a great example of what I mean:

It has a long, dramatic drape, but the pieces making it up are all very delicate- from the thin gold rings to the tiny turquoise beads, overall it is a large necklace, but it doens't appear heavy because the pieces making it up are all light and delicate. If what you love about LuAnn's statement necklaces is the fact that they are made up of oversized beads and medallions, then the Bebe necklace might not be enough for you. In that case, avoid the Flintstone-effect by choosing a necklace with large jeweled and faceted beads rather than stone, wood or anything entirely opaque. Choose a necklace with pieces that are translucent or even transparent, or that reflect the light. This will also have a "lightening" effect. Many perfect examples can be found on Etsy:

Finally, another "lightening" method is to find a statement necklace that mixes large pieces with more delicate, "empty" spaces like these:

But if you really want to wear an over-the-top statement necklace a-la the Countess, who am I to tell you not to? Just be prepared to spend beaucoup bucks on them! Here are some really incredible statement necklaces that are over-the-top in their style AND price tag:

Ok, I admit it- not ALL giant statement necklaces will be over-the-top in price. Here are some more affordable ones:

Faceted Beaded Bib Necklace, Forever 21, $9.80

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go watch another epic meltdown on the Housewives. Maybe this time I'll be able to notice the fashions through the drama.


Taylor said...

I JUST mentioned something about Countess Luann's style the other day! I LOVE everything she wears and yes, her necklaces are amazing. I particularly love that darky orangey-red one she wears a lot in one of her talking head interviews.

Christina said...

You're so right - proportion is KEY in choosing a statement necklace. But I love them too! Check it out:

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Wow- are we all on the same page or what? Great minds think alike! :)

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