Friday, May 14, 2010

SATC- Focus on the Fashion

The media (and fashion bloggers, too) are having a field day over the new SATC2 movie poster, and I can't blame them. It is a photoshop disaster for sure. But let's be honest- we are all counting down the days to this movie regardless of the horrible advertising. And why? Because we all DIE for the fashions. Sex and the City has long been the reason Manolo Blahnik" is a household name, and Carrie Bradshaw should be credited with making it ok for women to dress outside the box. Well, really Patricia Field should be credited, as she is the genius behind all the outfits on the show and the movies. I could spend an entire week posting pictures of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw outfits throughout the years, but I'm going to exercise self restraint and try to keep it to just this one post. We'll see if my resolve weakens in the future.

Carrie has always been a master of accessories. I wanted to find some photos from the early seasons because her style at that point was really funky in a thrift-shop, vintage kind of way, whereas late seasons and especially the movies are quirky in a haute couture, designer kind of way. I love it all, so I'm not complaining. This photo reminded me a bit more of the early Carrie (although it's actually more mid-series as you can see she is wearing Aiden's ring around her neck).

I did find one really fun early Carrie photo that I have to share with all of you:

This outfit is so great- the LBD paired with gold lame boots and an enormous flower brooch. For those of you who don't remember, this is the episode where she plays spin-the-bottle at a party and ends up kissing Alanis Morissette. Hilarious.
Perhaps one of the most striking single pieces she ever wore, the Dior "newspaper" dress was a real stunner. Equally stunning was the moment when Natasha let her have it about everything that happened between her and Big. That's what I love about the show- as great as the fashions are, the stories are equally fabulous.

Carrie's outfits were nothing if not controversial, although I think the above hibiscus flower dress is one of the more tame. Others disagree. Others also think this pink chiffon Hamptons wedding dress is hideous. I rather like it and I think it was a perfectly elegant masking of SJP's pregnancy.

By far, my absolute favorite Carrie outfits were the ones she wore while dating the artist Aleksandr Petrovsky. The relationship may not have been the best, but I literally gasped and swooned for all of these:

This dress is pure fantasy. I love it.

 Even though this day in Paris was less than ideal for Carrie, full of rain and unfriendly locals, how could it be all bad when she got to wear this fabulous outfit?

My favorite of the favorites is this Oscar de la Renta- Petrovsky gives it to her to wear to the Met and she faints on the way, so they end up at McDonald's instead. Great episode. Great dress. Some people hate the jacket, and say she ruined the dress by wearing them together. I disagree, although I do prefer the dress on its own.

Do you have a favorite Carrie outfit? I find it too hard to narrow it down to just one, but if I were forced to choose, it would be the pink Oscar dress above. The way I feel about clothing is similar to how Carrie summed up relationships at the end of the Hampton's wedding episode (when she wore the light pink chiffon dress above): "Some people are settling down, some people are settling. And some people won't settle for anything less than butterflies." Let your clothes give you butterflies.


Beth said...

First of all I totally agree with your assessmens of the dresses. I hate the pink potato sack dress and I love that grey/green frilly one.

The last two look like you designed them ;)

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Great, great post!

I love the Dior newsprint dress, the pale pink Hamptons dress, and the Paris polka dots outfit.

I'm planning a big series next week on my blog that's SATC related, so you should check it out if you have a chance!

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