Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Workday Wednesday

I recently purchased this pair of white jeans from Old Navy- they were on sale for $24.15:
As the warmer weather descends, consider a crisp pair of white trousers for your workday look. They're a fresh change from khaki, don't you think? There's something about dark trousers in the summer that just doesn't seem appealing, even if you work in a heavily air-conditioned office. (I know there are times mid summer when my little office gets so cold that I actually keep a hoodie stashed nearby just in case it gets too chilly for me in my little sun dresses.) But even if it's chilly in your office, somehow wearing black or grey or even brown can feel wrong in the middle of a heat wave. If you don't have a crisp pair of white pants, now is the time to get them. And that rule about no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day? That rule is SO your Grandma's fashion. Nowadays you can wear white with pride all year long! Check out these white pant options I found. I recommend pairing them with a crisp pastel button-front if you work in a conservative office and just about anything else if you don't!

White Cotton Sateen Trousers, Ann Taylor, $88 (Also available in Petite)
White Trouser Jeans, Banana Republic, $89.50
White Linen Pants, Gap, $59.50 (Also available in petite and tall)
Sailor Button Jean, OneStopPlus, $24.99 (Plus size)

I wore my new white jeans to work today with a cute beige top and some brightly colored accessories. I guess I didn't wear enough color, because Andrea's reaction to me all day was, "WHO ARE YOU?!?! You never wear just neutrals!!!" We laughed about it. I tried to say I had lots of color in my accessories, but she's right- I wore white and beige. I was very happy with my outfit, but she's completely right- it was not my typical over-the-top brightly- colored style:
For the record, my earrings are bright pink, my ring is turquoise and my shoes are my favorite florals:
When I wear these shoes, I often think of them as the "quirky" part of the outfit, so I try not to go too over the top with everything else. Apparently I was a little short in my estimation of how colorful the rest of my outfit could be. I think it's good to wear something unpredictable every once in a while, though- keep everyone guessing. ;)


Beth said...

I love these shoes. White pants are such a great backdrop for them.

cheeky curves said...

Its always good to leave them guessing, those shoes are great

Cat said...

I love my Old Navy white jeans, I wear a bright yellow t-shirt and a blue blazer over it and the inside of the blazer has yellow & white striped pattern. The outfit looks kind of nautical...i love it. good post :)

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