Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life is Good

Before I started working full time in theatre, I had a 9-to-5 office job where I basically worked as a recruiter, interviewing people, and placing them in various positions at my client companies. It was interesting work for a while, but definitely not a career for me. At least not at that point in my life. Anyway, while I was working there, my younger brother needed a job and I ended up placing him with one of my favorite clients- Life is Good. He's been there ever since (about 7 years). One of the perks of having a brother who works for a clothing company is that I get a lot of their clothes cheap and even free on a pretty regular basis. (Of course, the fact that I helped him get the job is a great incentive for him to keep me stocked up on the goods.) However, you don't see these clothes on the blog all that often, since they are mostly super casual clothes that I tend to wear working out, or hiking, or kayaking, or basically doing things that don't really require very fashionable clothes. I understand that my style of dress isn't necessarily practical for every lifestyle, and some people need to wear far more casual clothing on a regular basis. I joke around that I dress like I'm going to a cocktail party every day of my life. Not everyone wants to look that way as mch as I do. For those people, I highly recommend Life is Good. It's another company that has great products paired with a good cause. The amount of community service and charity work done by this company is enormous. I also appreciate their tag line: "Do what you like. Like what you do." And to top it off, their clothes are the softest, most comfortable pieces you'll ever encounter. Their tees and tanks are perfect for layering and they come in pretty colors with interesting print details as well as basic solids. A few of my favorites:

Another LIG product I love is the "shortie cap," a baseball cap with a smaller, "shorter" visor. They are so adorable and much more flattering than a regular ball cap. The small  visor is daintier, more feminine and flattering on just about any face. I wear mine all the time if I'm going to be out in the sun hiking, kayaking, or even at a backyard barbeque.

Over the years, I've managed to collect a bunch of their hats- bucket hats, visors, etc., but my favorite is definitely the shortie. Because Life is Good makes quality clothing, their pieces are suitable for any casual situation. Here's a perfect set of his and hers outfits for a backyard BBQ, a walk in the park, a day on the golf course or even an afternoon running errands around town:


The key to looking polished in casual cothes is to make sure they are fitted and neat. Take the time to press your khaki cargo shorts, toss your tee into the dryer for a minute to get out the wrinkles, or even run a warm iron over it. Sometimes just hanging it in the bathroom while you shower will do the trick- the steam helps release the wrinkles. All too often, people wear oversize t-shirts and sweatshirts and end up looking sloppy and disheveled. Choose tees and tanks that are fitted and you'll always look better, I promise. You can always wear a pair of wedge sandals instead of flip-flops to help elevate the look, too. Add some casual jewelry like a wooden bangle bracelet or a leather cuff to keep the look from being too generic and you'll be stylish even at the most casual event.

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