Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be Still My Heart!

You know, when I peruse the ModCloth website, I am often so enamoured of the dresses I see, that I never even make it beyond that section to skirts or tops, much less accessories and shoes. Until today. Today I started on the shoe page and just about DIED when I saw these:

I know that some of you are really not into the oxford trend and in fact oppose it, but I am in LOVE with it and these shoes took my breath away! The tan faux-leather looks so luxurious, and it's perfect against the cream. Also, I love the detail on the leather. I would definitely expect to spend a LOT more on shoes this pretty and I'm so thrilled to see them at such a good price, that it is taking everything in me not to point and click and buy them right now! Especially since I got my tax return today (finally) and it would be SO easy to justify this purchase by saying I took the money out of my tax return! What's a girl to do?  


LuceBuona said...

It is very neat and pretty! But just like you said about the 80's, I´m having a hard time trying to imagine how to match those shoes with anything in my closet!.... So pleeeeaaase, if you get them soon, post some outfits to learn how to match them!
Have a great weekend dear!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

LuceBuona- check out this post from a couple of weeks ago. I talked about oxfords and what to wear with them:

Gwendelyn said...

Dang, I hope you bought these shoes! They look awesome!

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