Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roller Coaster Day

Today felt like an absolute roller coaster of a day. You know the kind- you're elated one minute and completely depressed the next. For example, this morning I got up and put together what I thought was a pretty fabulous outft incorporating the mixed prints trend rather successfully (in my humble opinion, anyway):

I love these two together- it's my black & white plaid strapless dress that you've seen in several other RML posts combined with a sheer sleeveless black and white polka dot top with a long tie at the neck. Most people who complimented my on this look today (and there were quite a few) thought it was one piece and were surprised when I told them it's actually a top layered under a dress. I finished the look with some fabulous teal wedges that at 9:00 AM seemed like a great idea:

This was the first time I pulled these out since last summer and all those months between now and the last time I wore them had helped to make the memory fade. What memory? The memory that these shoes are nothing short of a torture device. I don't really understand why they hurt my feet so badly, but they do. My pinky toe ends up sticking out the side and rubbing against the front strap. How it gets out, I really don't know, but it does get out. It even hangs over the edge of the platform. Meanwhile, my big toe gets irritated by the strap on that side of the shoe and then my whole foot starts to ache because there is absolutely NO padding what-so-ever in the sole. So needless to say the great feeling I had towards this outfit when I started the day was long gone by the end. See what I mean? Up, then down.

But it doesn't end there. I was out shopping for work today and happened across this:

I was in a consignment shop when I saw it in a corner next to some other bags and I thought to myself, "Hmm... that bag looks a lot nicer than the ones around it." I picked it up and that's when I saw the label that read "DvF" which we all know stands for... (prepare yourself)... DIANE von FURSTENBERG. Now, this was definitely a more high-end consignment shop that tends to carry the occassional designer item. Of course, those designer items tend to come with designer prices. I flipped over the tag to check the price and did a double-take. It read: $18.99. How could this be possible? I asked the saleslady if it was real or faux, but all signs (including the inside tags) were pointing towards real, not faux. "It's real," she said. I found this confusing as I had seen an obviously faux Louis Vuitton handbag marked $59.99. I fully expected to ask to ring it up and have the sales lady reply with, "Oh, I'm sorry- we've mislabeled this. Its actually $118.99" or "Oops! We missed a zero in there!" Nope. $18.99. I was thrilled! I bragged about my purchase all afternoon! A DvF handbag for less than twenty bucks? As soon as I got home, I Googled the bag to find out what it was supposed to cost and discovered it came from a DvF diffusion line.  SO not as cool as a true DvF. However, I did see another one for sale (used) for $125, so even though it's not quite the coup I thought it was, I'm still really proud of my find. See what I mean? Up, then down, then up again!

Ultimately, I'd say my day had far more ups than it did downs- after all, what matters in a bag is that you love it, not that it's got a fancy label. And I hate to tell you, but sometimes beauty hurts, including your feet in bad shoes. But that doesn't mean they don't look fabulous! It's all about your outlook. (And that's where I'll end this post before it starts to sound like an after-school special.)


Breanne at Bella Vita said...

I LOVE the pattern mixing here. It works beautifully!

And way to go on the DVF find. She's my favorite. I'm a little jealous. :-)

Totally Inspired said...

I agree.. the pattern mixing is pretty cute!

Beth said...

What a great find. I am a sucker for a great bag buy. Love the pattern and color too.

f8hasit said...

I've ahd some shoes in the past that are fantastic, but just not comfortable or hard to walk in. I immediately remove them from my closet so I don't end with memory relapse as well.

Oh, and I do the same for undergarments! Nothing like a bra that squeeks or panties that kill!

Beth said...

That bag is a perfect summer accessory. (Of course, I'm as jealous as you predicted.) Also, I LOVE your pattern mixing.

Wicked Thrifty said...

it's totally a great find! love the purple.

i adore what you did with the strapless dress over the top. i did think it was maybe a scarf at first? i have a strapless dress i wear a long-sleeved stretchy tee under for coverage... but just boring black. i do like your mixed patterns. and the teal with the black/white!

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